Image Digital success story : the portrait of a french entrepreneur the inspire you
08.11 2018

Digital success story : the portrait of a french entrepreneur the inspire you

A tale of a Business

From his first contact with the famous Pong game in 1972, he was already starting to be into the digital world. As a result, his passion for video games was born. His curiosity grew steadily and he discovered another way to make multiplayer video games even more attractive.

In pursuing his path, he saw in his innermost the joy of developing networks of information exchange in all directions of, and it became his second passion. Today, he is 49 years old and still lives from his two passions: video games and information exchange networks. However, he shares these passions by offering various games accessible to all even via their mobiles, games which are of all ranges.

Creating his own game at the age of 14 only

His personal skills were discovered on his fourteenth birthday. Supported by the research, he set up the Tank game. A multi-player video game that he especially designed by himself using the old devices which were available at his time, including the Sharp PC-1211 and the ZX81 machines. To sum up in a few words, this Tank action game is at the same time:

  •  Entertaining: its design is unique and close to reality
  •  Top quality: the characters, the image and the graphics are upscale
  •  Easily understandable: a guide and trainings are available for beginners
  •  Fluid and available anytime, anywhere: all you need is a compatible operating system

Making the digital sector experience more free

According to him, the digital world will be free, provided that he adds entrepreneurial reasoning to his passions. To achieve this goal, he decided to create his own video game production company called Eurocenter in 1989 and then named it Eurocenter Games.

The reason for this name shift is simply that he respects his principles based on his passion for video games. Then, he created the huge digital consortium named Eurocenter Group. Eurocenter Games had the opportunity to participate to the launch of the first video games put into circulation on Appstore in 2007.

Moreover, he did not stop working and developing his know-how with many companies having with each of them a status of manager or assistant manager. This choice was based on his other passion focusing in information exchange networks, too.

His most famous mobile games

Through his research, his many experiences and his collaborations, the mobile games created by Stephane Portha have been a tremendous success. Among his creations, we can find the most known mobile games ever such as:

  •  Tank: an action game in multiplayer mode, which has other options like the shooter, the simulation and so on.
  •  GraalOnline: a game that is also a multiplayer option leading to a world rich in discovery and sharing.
  •  GraalOnline Zone: a new version of GraalOnline available only on the iOS Smartphone platform
  •  GraalOnline classical +: a game rather framed in the world of space but more classical, available on all platforms, ...
  •  Era +: a game combining urban world and gang war with a fluid and attractive gameplay